Golda Meir, Israel’s first female Prime Minister, in office 1969-1974

  • Janet Jagan, an American married to an Indo-Guyanese man, became the President of Guyana in 1997. The economist Tansu Çiller was Turkey’s first female Prime Minister; in an unprecedented move that still seems radical, her husband took her surname. This and a lot more interesting stuff in this New Yorker piece on women in politics.
  • In an effort to close the wage gap between men and women, Massachusetts has become the first state in the United States to prohibit employers from asking about applicants’ salaries before offering them a job. Companies will not be allowed to prohibit workers from telling others how much they are paid, a move that can increase salary transparency and help employees discover disparities.
  • Recently, the Indian Supreme Court permitted a woman to obtain an abortion after 24 weeks’ gestation–the law imposes a 20-week limit–on a plea that she was raped by her boyfriend on the false promise of marriage. Women’s rights organizations in India widely consider the 20-week limit imposed by the law irrational, outdated and unconstitutional. Some coverage here and here.

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