• A Radiolab episode, Staph Retreat, about two female academics at Nottingham—a microbiologist and a historian—who chanced upon a 9th Century Anglo-Saxon remedy using onion, garlic and part of a cow’s stomach to cure an antibiotic-resistant superbug. Fascinating! A quick summary here.
  • Have you seen the Da Da Ding video that features Indian sportswomen? Highly recommended, especially if you love rap, but perhaps with headphones! Some enterprising folks have also made a new version that features everyday Indian women who have been “doing it anyway, for centuries. Without appreciation, without support, often, in very difficult conditions. With great cooperation. Definitely without shoes that cost more than what they earn in a month.” And, if you do not recognize the athletes in the Nike video–most people do not–meet them here. It is great that Nike chose to feature the relatively unknown sportswomen and didn’t simply go to Sania Mirza (currently ranked world no. 1 in women’s doubles tennis) and Saina Nehwal (ranked world no. 1 in women’s badminton in 2015) who are at least widely recognized in India, if not globally.
  • Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, Pro-Dialogue: Krista Tippet talks to reproductive rights activist, Frances Kissling, and Christian ethicist, David Gushee, for a more nuanced discussion of abortion rights.
  • Not gender-related per se, but here is an excellent series from This American Life that reminds us of the humanity of Muslim refugees even as the politicians, the media, and a lot of us collectively continue to stereotype and caricature them.

A bunch of us from our show went to refugee camps all over Greece. We found people falling in love, kids mad at their parents for dragging them to Europe, women doing their laundry in a baseball stadium locker room, and hundreds of people living at a gas station—sitting next to the pumps, smoking. Also: wild pigs. 57,000 refugees are stuck in Greece, making homes in some surprising locations. We hear what that’s really like.


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